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相对于 HSI 回报 (%) (0.49) 1.70 1.14 (6.46) N.A. (20.75) 7.41 1.27
三生制药 (1530 HK) 基本面保持稳健 - 8月 30, 2018 (11 页)  
2018年8月20日,三生制药公布其净利润为人民币5.14亿元,核心利润人民币5.61亿元(同比增长38.9%),占我们2018全年预期的48.3%(2017年中期:44.7%)及分析师一致预期的46.8%。分析师简报会后,我们注意到集团 (1)特比澳销售额2018年将达46%的强劲同比增速(2018年中期:70%);及 (2)益赛普销售受渠道之拖累将于2018年下半年消除。基于较低的销售额及利润率,我们以现金流折现法所得目标价降至21.15港元。维持“买入”评级。

3SBIO Inc (1530 HK) CITIC stake sales do not change fundamental - 6月 13, 2018 (9 页)  
On 5 Jun, 3SBio announced that CITIC Private Equity China had sold 149m shares, c.6% of the company’s issued shares, likely to the institutional investors. Post transaction, CITIC’s holding in 3SBio will be cut to 18.6% from 24.5% of total issued shares. We see CITIC will likely take at least a couple of years to dispose its 3SBio stakes under well plan. We now factor in Bydureon sales at RMB70m/RMB162m in FY18F/19F, and move 3SBio’s DCF valuation base year to 2019. Maintain BUY with higher TP at HKD24.80.

3SBIO Inc (1530 HK) Dual catalysts to stay for 2018 - 4月 3, 2018 (13 页)  
3SBio, on 26 March, released its 2017 net profit at RMB935m, while core earnings of RMB904m surged 25% y-o-y, in-line with our and Bloomberg estimate. Post result briefing, we are confident of (1) TPIAO and Yisaipu to attain c.20% y-o-y sales growth in 2018; and (2) acquisition of Therapure Biomanufacturing possibly to complete by end-April (delayed from end-2017). Our DCF-TP now points to HKD23.20, on brighter core products’ sales and margin. If Bydureon (diabetic) sales crystallizes by 2Q18, TP will offer another 10% upside.

China Healthcare Focus on biotech and high-end drugmakers - 3月 14, 2018 (18 页)  
In the upcoming (Dec-ended) result season and from those stocks we actively cover, we expect biotech (Genscript) and high-end drugmakers (3SBio and Livzon Pharm) to have in-line results with Bloomberg consensus and ours. Moreover, concentrated Chinese medicine granule (CCMG) leader (China TCM) is forecast to beat consensus, on recovering finished drug and stable CCMG sales and margins. We see drug-makers like United Lab, Luye and Sinopharm as the key distributor would likely fall short of consensus estimate.

China Healthcare CSPC, Luye & Sinobiopharm shined in Fujian - 12月 12, 2017 (6 页)  
Recently, Fujian’s controlled procurement website for drugs (福建省药品联合限价阳光采购网药品) issued its top 20 best selling hospital medicines by sales value from Sept to Nov 2017. Pfizer’s Lipitor has been ranked #1 in Fujian procurement during the period. NBP of CSPC (1093.HK, NR), Beixi of Luye Pharm (2186.HK, BUY, TP:HKD5.40) and Kaifen of Sinobiopharm (1177.HK, NR) have hit the top 20 positions.

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